[Cerita] Fasting

So, I decided to start writing about ‘Fasting Days’ since most of people in my country do the same. As a moslem, I have to follow the religion thought. In trust, I will have controled myself not to eat-and-drink during the day. Not only those things, but also keeping out-self from appetite which would be ‘break’ the rule of fasting. Nevertheless, there are a-bunch-of-values that I have learned from the worship as long as Ramadhan — a kind of month on the Hijriyah Calendar while moslem doing fasting. 

Not differed as last year, today, the start of fasting month in Indonesia still also in difference. At least, there are two major opinion state that start-day-of fasting will be differ. Government as the key of policy in legal-country told to public that ramadhan will be started on wednesday or July 10, 2013. But the formal statement being released when ‘Sidang Itsbat’ occured last day. The Government use the Imkanur Rukyat MABIMS’s method to determine the beginning of fasting month. Basically, the principle of this method follows the rukyat-way. This method based on direct observation of hilal by using observation equipment. There are numerous point of observation located by the government to keep-on watching the horizon, so that the first moon (hilal) could be existed.

In the other hand, Muhammadyah, as one of the biggest Muslim organization in Indonesia started the fasting month on tuesday. Muhammadyah use the different method toward the govenment. Method which used by that organization called hisab. This method based on the calculation of the moon-and-sun conjuction. As of the method, Muhammadyah do not ‘play role’ with the direct observation of the hilal. 

However, as a moslem, I think it is better for us to respect the differences. The best point to think is that fasting learn us about how to ‘speak to God’ and ‘control ourself’. 


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