[Cerita] Lost and Fun!

What is the difference between ‘joke’ and ‘others’ in writing?

So, this is my first done of doing english-writing. Indeed, I have no idea to tell about-what. Just a bit of cheerfull night, I had a good conversation with my friend. This man, whom I called him ‘a-friend’ is a real-man with the ‘package’ of knowledge in mind. It was monday when mr.G, a friend, came to my coffee-shop. Actually, it look like a small place at popular-street in the flower-city. And that night, he invite me to the impulsive-talks just for the next half hour. He and I talked about lelucon — things contained with humor taste — especially on writing experience. As the first question above, what things that we can say about it?

Lelucon is the reality composed with irony. Mostly, lelucon put metaphor into its story. Then, the man whom his face are getting closer from the table, Mr.G, took a quote from Vladimir Nobokov’s book, Lolita, “Satire is a lesson, parody is a game.” I think those words is related to our talk. By telling lelucon, at least we can learn two things. First, lelucon contained of metaphor so that we need to write-down as good as a joker-in-action. The other, it tell us about the up-side-down reality — somethings that can be covered as an irony because of the alien meaning.


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