[Catatan] Kamerad

Friend O'mine


“Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family”

– Don Corleone


Here they are:

Gandrie Ramadhan Apriandito a.k.a Gandrie, currently in Jakarta, the capital City of Indonesia.

“Aktualisasi diri merupakan kebutuhan puncak manusia kalau menurut Om Maslow.” – January 29, 2013.


Indah Mutiara Kami a.k.a Tiara, currently in Jakarta, the city where you can create your idea – like legos.

“Sekuat kuatnya berjuang, kita juga harus tetap tahu kapan waktunya menyerah.” – February 3, 2013.


Amri Ahmad a.k.a Amron, currently in Bandung – the Paris from Java, ceunah.

“Moody person is quite hard to handle. Straight-forward person is pretty easy to understand. So how to deal with moody straight forward one?” – February 14, 2013.


Agnindhira Napitupulu a.k.a Agni, currently in the island – north orientation from Jakarta, Where?

“We’re too hot, she can’t handle it!!” – February 21, 2013.



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